About Us



Calling on its South American roots, CHAR&CO Churrasco Brazilian Steakhouse brings Gaucho culture from Porto Alegre to Double Bay through their specialized menu and seasonal drinks. A fluid blend of South American and European traditions, creating a warm and enticing atmosphere.

CHAR&CO is a stylish churrascaria specializing in a variety of wood fire-roasted beef, pork, lamb, poultry, sausages, South American street food, slow-roasted from our specially designed Brazilian barbecue.

Fuelled by locally sourced ironbark our machine creates quality and unique smoked flavor.

All meats are sourced from Australian owned, sustainable farms with respect and support of local businesses.

We see CHAR&CO as a space welcoming to all, from intimate pairs through to celebratory groups, all with a passion for good food, cocktails, and vibes. A place where customers are like family.

Growing up in Porto Alegre, immersed in the old Gaucho culture, learning from your father how to grill meats is the Gaucho way. There’s an energy in the heritage and it’s what we’re presenting to customers here at CHAR&CO.

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